Friday, 17 September 2010

Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks

Yes, the book was published on September 14th. No, I haven't had any copies through from Macmillan Distribution yet. I have been chasing up the books but so far haven't got anywhere. They should have been in the warehouse on September 14th and at my house the following day. Apologies for the delay! All the advance order packets are waiting to go out, just as soon as the books arrive...

I will be at the trading day for Dyffryn Clwyd Quilters' exhibition in Ruthin on Saturday 25th September, at the Awelon Centre, School Road, Ruthin, LL15 1BL. This is where I'm planning to have the official book launch and will be displaying the projects from the book. I will also be taking my Japanese fabrics for sale, although not the kimono as we haven't got the space in the car. Some lovely new silks have just arrived!

UPDATE - I have been in touch with my contact at the publishers, who has been chasing this up for me today. It now seems that the problem lies with the packagers (part of the shipping chain). There has been a delay and no one thought to let the publishers know! The books are now expected to arrive on October 1st.

As with many craft and other full colour books printed today, these books will have been printed in China and shipped by sea. Sending the full edition of 15,000 - 20,000 books by air costs too much (it would increase the book price considerably) plus it would be less environmentally friendly, so the bulk of the stock is always sent by sea.

I have asked if there are any advance copies that have been air mailed to the publishers, so we could have a sample copy on show, but if there are some advance copies, there will only be half a dozen or so available, so I can't get hold of these for sale.

I will go ahead with a special display of the projects at the Ruthin weekend and will put the colour proofs out in a folder for viewing. We will also have more order forms out then.

Because the WHOLE edition is held up, this means that bookshops like Kaleidoscope and Amazon won't have any copies either. I will try to post this information in as many places as possible but, if you know someone who has ordered the book, please pass this info on to them!


Lis said...

Will you be at the Grosvenor show at Chilford at the beginning of November? I was planning to get my copy then.

Susan Briscoe said...

Hi Lis,

Sorry, I won't be at the Chilford Show. I am doing free second class p & p on the book though, so you can order direct from me if you like.

I'll be at the Malvern autumn show just before that one.

Alas, I can't do all the shows! There just isn't enough time.

Lis said...

Thanks for letting me know, I'll get my order form off to you. Quite understand that you can't do all the shows, you do so many other things and it must be exhausting too! Looking forward to seeing the new book. Lis x