Friday, 10 September 2010

Yuza sashiko quilters - Chester, Llanidloes and Llangollen

Just a few quick photos of our visits to Chester (Wednesday) and Llanidloes and Llangollen (yesterday).

On the rows -

The quilters wanted to go into this shop (opticians?) to tell them how to display their uchikake kimono correctly - I might do that next time! It may be difficult to see what's wrong in the photo, but they have put the uchikake on a proper iko kimono display stand and then tucked the excess length up over the middle rail, which is only there to brace the stand.

We had lunch at The Albion, where the landlord didn't take much persuading to give us a few tunes on the player piano! Off the obvious tourist trail but easy to find for new visitors (just get onto the city wall and head for the river via the Roman amphitheatre), we had a delicious lunch. Spitfire (beer) was on draught, so everyone tried that. I'd recommend the haggis and melted cheese Staffordshire oatcake anytime. Ooishi desu ne!

In the afternoon we went to Abakhan at Mostyn. There were some excellent fabrics in their 'by weight' patchwork ('dress weight cotton') section. So much fun choosing!

In the evening, we went to Gresford for Wrexham Quilting Circle's monthly meeting. The Yuza quilters arranged a sashiko display. This month's project was a zipped cube bag, a Japanese design that the quilters all know, so they helped us explain how to make it.

I just realised what's going on in the photo - Debbie's mum makes temari, Japanese embroidered ball decorations, and she gave one as little present to each of the quilters, along with a card she made using the chiyogami papers I bought last time I was in Tokyo.

Yesterday, their last day, we went to the Quilt Association's centre in Llanidloes, to see the summer exhibition (it ends on September 11th).

This year's exhibits include group banners from the European Quilt Association member countries.

You can see some of the exhibits by clicking here.

Lunch was at the Stag, almost next door, where they have a great pizza menu (ordering was very easy). Beer here is Guiness plus a good selection of Welsh beers.

We looked around the interior of the Market Hall, where there is an exhibition about timber framed buildings in Wales and the borders upstairs, including a reconstruction of how the building would have looked when new. Please note, if you would like to visit this free exhibition, it is only open during the summer and will close this year on September 26th (see their website for details).

The painted wall decoration could be very interesting as quilt designs -

Our last stop of the day was at Plas Newydd, where we looked around the house, gardens and the valley. More pattern inspiration for everyone! The quilters loved the carvings inside the house, which is a treasury of designs.

They are now on their way back to Japan. Domo arigato gozaimashita!


shigatsuhana said...

Thanks for the great photos. I have spent a lot of time in Llandidloes so it was nice to see photos again. The cottage we rented every year is just down a side street from the market hall by the laudrette. It's such a lovely little town.

Susan Briscoe said...

I didn't know you'd been there. It is a really nice place - it has the kind of shops I like too (a nice antique shop & craft gallery). I'm hoping to get back over there in a few months for my Christmas shopping.

There's a Christmas Craft fair at the Minerva centre too - 14 November to 24 December.