Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Red and White quilt

This quilt has been in my sketchbook since my trip to Fanoe, Denmark in September 2009. The block is inspired by the front door windows in Sonderho, a beautiful village on the southern end of the island. You can just glimpse the front door on this house - see the little diamond shaped window? I put them in the middle of my blocks (there's a picture from another house here). The colourway is inspired by the Danish and English flags, which are almost opposites of each other - white on red and red on white (although of course the position of the cross is a little different).

Antique Dutch tiles are seen all over the island too (they were brought there as ship's ballast), so I was also thinking of those a bit when I drafted the block. There's a tile museum and restaurant in Sonderho, where I snapped these (another quilt sometime!)

Takenoko has been supervising through the workroom window. I took a chance spreading those blocks out on the bed, as he usually wants to "help", but I think he was still out.

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