Sunday, 14 November 2010

Workshops at The Quilt Room

I taught a workshop at The Quilt Room, Dorking, on Friday and another on Saturday. This is the second time I've run workshops there - I think the first time coincided with their 25th anniversary and they are now celebrating their 30th. Last time, the shop was in a different building, with the workshop area upstairs (and much smaller). There is now a large, well-lit workshop area off the yard at the back of the shop.

Friday's workshop was "Introduction to Shonai Sashiko" - here are the samples made in the workshop -

On Saturday, the course was "Japanese Art Quilt Boromono". This requires very little measuring compared with most patchwork methods and produces one of a kind random panels inspired by Japanese boromono ("rag thing" cloths) - click here for some information about boromono on Sri Thread's website. The rotary cutting and sewing is very simple, with the interest created by the composition of the piece, very much along the lines of abstract art. It doesn't need Japanese fabric to work!

The final two panels are shown with their backings sewn on, using the "bagging out" method without a binding. The original boromono don't have wadding in the Western sense, having layers of old fabric inside sometimes instead or other times nothing at all.

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