Sunday, 19 December 2010

Quilt in progress and snow

This is the centre of a quilt I'm working on at the moment, photo taken a few minutes ago outside.

It is a (simplified) version of a quilt I saw at the V & A's exhibition in March. This is Sally Bramald's photo of the original.

The colour in the big V & A book isn't very good - the quilt looks very sludgy, whereas the V & A Diary photo brings out the colours much more, perhaps a little too saturated. Sally's photo gives a more accurate colour image.

My version uses charm pack squares (cut down slightly) combined with a Honey Bun - forty 11/2in strips
in a roll. I also left out the blocks with the really tiny squares. I wanted to see if I could make a version of it just from charm packs & a honey bun, so I haven't got all the tiny squares - the blocks with the ones that look about 1/2in finished have been replaced with unpieced but busy squares, but I have got most of the sixteen patch blocks. I really wanted 84, but the honey bun would only make 64 and I didn't want to buy another, so I've substituted some of the sixteen patches with solid squares. But yes, there are 64 little sixteen patches done and to be included - if these had been cut as individual squares, there would have been 1024 of them...!

I thought it would be best to piece everything apart from the very centre in strips (diagonal ones of course) but I've done three rounds working outwards from the centre. When you start looking closer at that quilt, there is a lot of symmetry in certain areas, groups of red patches etc. It is much easier to get my head round the layout working outwards from the centre, as I can arrange and trim exactly what's going into each round as I make it and get the symmetry looking OK, but the minute I have anything on a 45-degree angle I find it hard to work out what's where - think I'll turn the image of the original on a 45 degree angle to make it easier. "On point" does something peculiar to my brain! I'm almost at the more random sections now, trimming the charm squares to size as I go too, just using an A3 mat, much easier than having to arrange larger pieces of fabric.

The panel in the centre of my version wasn't quite large enough, so I didn't turn it around for the octagonal effect - maybe I should go back and change it, adding some strip borders. What do you think? Opinions quickly please - it wouldn't be too difficult to unpick the centre and alter it at this stage, but will be more of a hassle once the top is finished.

EDIT - I checked the size of the original and worked out that the squares are just a fraction larger than 5 3/4in quilted, so they were probably 6in unquilted. That makes the tiny squares in the blocks I left out 1/2in approx., with 1/2in borders, while the squares in the 16 patch checkerboards are approx. 1 1/2in in the original - mine are 1in. So my quilt will be approx. 2/3 of the original size.


Ferret said...

Leave it as it, it looks right. I suspect you are making it the same way as the original as it is would be the easiest way to handle the size of quilt. Looks great.

Susan Briscoe said...

Once I started piecing, I suspected that was pretty much how the original was done too. Otherwise the only way to put it together would have been to arrange the whole top and I just don't think anyone in their right mind, piecing it by hand, would have done that!

Off to get onto the red square rounds now...