Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Trying to get the road gritted

I don't expect Mount Zion to be gritted, as its a cul-de-sac (though it would be useful to have a grit bin we could use for the juction), but Pool Road, the road into the village and the only way out from here, hasn't been gritted either. Most of the residential roads in the village (around the council estate) have been gritted. Brymbo is a very hilly village and the only way out of here is down steep slopes.

I tried to find out what is going on by phoning Wrexham Council but they couldn't give me an answer and said they would phone back.

In the meantime, I searched their website for gritting routes. Looks like Pool Road is on Gritting Route No. 2!

Which bit of Pool Road do they think they are gritting? I'm puzzled.

We are going to have to start eating the Christmas food early - the freezer is getting very low on "basics" - unless I can get out.

EDIT - very slight thaw at lunchtime, so made a trip to the supermarket while I could! The ice on the main road turned to slush for a short time.

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