Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I was hoping to be teaching a workshop in Middlesbrough for the Village Quilters on Friday, but with 170 snowy miles between here and there, with the M62 in the middle and impassable roads at each end, this has had to be postponed. If there is a break in the weather and an improvement in road conditions next week, there's a chance I'll get up there before Christmas. There's been more snow up on Teesside and colleges are closed again, so I hear (Facebook is very useful for stuff like this!)

Also on my schedule was Sew Caring Quilters' Christmas exhibition and coffee morning in Redcar on Saturday. I'm not ruling out the chances of Tuesday's workshop there just yet, but again we may have to postpone it. All the workshop organisers etc. know about this. UPDATE re Saturday's exhibition etc - I've just spoken to Margaret from Sew Caring Quilters and they are going to postpone the exhibition and have it in the spring instead, as no one can get out much due to the snow. So the workshop is also going to be moved to the spring. Apparently, people have been building snowmen on the beach! It must be looking something like this.

We had more snow overnight. If we can get into Wrexham this afternoon (by bus from lower down the hill) I might be able to get some mail out - if not, we will try to get to the village post office tomorrow. There was a mail delivery yesterday afternoon, so obviously the post van could get as far as our post office then, but it was too late to get down to the post office for the p.m. collection.

On the plus side, I might be able to get some photos of my new red and white quilt in the snow!

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