Saturday, 8 January 2011

Quilts in progress

I finished the top of the "Dryslwyn" quilt before New Year and would have liked to post a photo before now, but we haven't had the combination of weather and light to allow a photo outdoors. It isn't quite as large as the V & A checkerboard top shown in the same blog post (click the link above) but it is still a reasonable size - about 60in square - too large to photograph easily in the house.

Continuing the theme from those, I worked out a version of a quilt from Omagh in the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum (shown on p93 of "The Quilts of the British Isles") and this quilt in the V & A's collection. The "Lee" quilt is quilted in a wineglass pattern, according to the description, although I can't make out all of the pattern so well in the detail photo - maybe it will be easier to see in the exhibition catalogue print. There is an illustration of the quilt centre, up to the large zigzag border, in the V & A's desk diary for 2011 (on a quilt theme), but I think the only photo in the exhibition catalogue is a detail of the corner. Now I'm starting to make my own versions of some of the quilts, I wish I could remember a bit more detail from them. I should have made sketches as well as taken more photos at the bloggers' preview. Keeping the maths reasonably easy, my version of this quilt would be 110in square finished, slightly larger than the original. At that size, I think I'll be paying to have it longarm basted. I couldn't baste something that large and keep it square. The quilt appears to be of Welsh origin and I would like to do something a little more elaborate on it for the quilting than just the wineglass pattern, although I would probably incorporate that and use the patchwork borders to frame the quilting designs.

While sorting out fabrics for this new project, I got sidetracked into making up the centre for this quilt.

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