Thursday, 13 January 2011

The UK government really cares about Teesside - NOT!

Remember my earlier post about Teesside steelmaking?

Today's news shows how little the government ever cares about Teesside -

Teesside's £60m recovery package cut short of target

Corus plant at Redcar About 1,600 jobs were lost when the former Corus plant was mothballed

A fund worth £60m designed to help support businesses on Teesside is no longer available.


Industry on Teesside has made a fortune in revenue for the UK over the last 150 years, but politicians are quick to forget that - and the people who live there. The UK needs industries other than banks and services if we are ever going to get out of recession. A bit less tax on fuel is in order as well - The Sun (not a paper I would normally read) have got a petition together - you can sign up and sign it here.


I watched "A Century in Stone" a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant documentary on the history of the ironstone mining industry and development of Teesside, with some excellent animations and graphics, plus archive interviews. Click the link to go to the film's website and watch some clips. You can order the DVD there too.

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Rosalind said...

Brilliant news coming through tonight!!!!!!:o)