Saturday, 26 February 2011

Edinburgh Spring Quilt Festival

I am having a good time at the exhibition at Ingliston. There seemed to be more visitors than ever for the show's first day. After a very busy day yesterday and a full workshop, hopefully this morning I'll have a chance to look at some of the quilts. :-)

One of the guest exhibitions (this show, like some of the other autumn and spring shows, isn't competitive) is 'I feel a Quilt coming on!' by Dilys Fronks. Dilys is going to be Quiltfest's 'fringe' quilter for 2012, taking over the Museum gallery for the second half of February, so there will be a chance to see some of her stunning 'garden gate' quilts and other appliques there. These were amazing the visitors yesterday, especially the skilful and subtle way she uses commercial prints to create illusions of depth within the landscapes, something that has to be seen in real life to be really appreciated (and to work out how she does it!)

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