Monday, 14 February 2011

A purple and red quilt of mine

After mentioning the purple and red colour combination in the comments to my previous post, here is a purple and red wallhanging that I think April will like. I call it my 'Recycled Curves' and it is a quick project I do as a day workshop (you can find it on my workshop page). The purple and red colour combination came about via a Wrexham Quilting Circle challenge a few years ago, where each of us had to pick two colours out of a hat and make a quilt using those colours. The idea was to try to get people out of their colour comfort zone. I remember one of the other quilters saying purple and red would be difficult to work with, but I knew I'd love the challenge.

The red is only in the raw edge applique layers, the big stitch quilting and the binding (which I seem to have cropped off in this photo), while the purple fabrics in this version are all Bali Batiks.

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