Monday, 7 February 2011

Shonai Sashiko video from Hirata-machi

Izumi Satoh, sashiko historian from Yuza-machi and co-author of the two Yuza Sashiko books with Reiko Domon and Chie Ikeda, has posted several excellent videos about sashiko on youtube - here is the one about Hirata Sashiko (Hirata is a town near Yuza), part of Shonai. It includes some great closeups and a tutorial on marking and stitching komezashi (rice stitch), along with some lovely vintage photos showing sashiko being worn (above).

Here are some stills for you (not in the same order as the video), with stitch closeups first -

Tutorial for komezashi (rice stitch) -

The video quality is good but it may keep pausing if you are on a slow connection - best to wait until almost the end to allow it to load, then pull the slider back to the left under the image.

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