Friday, 11 March 2011

Bundaberg Quilters workshop yesterday and around Bundaberg

Yesterday Bundaberg Quilters had their sashiko workshop, learning how to mark and stitch the corner fan, shippo/fundo patterns and a kamon crest - basically, the elements of my Sashiko Furoshiki workshop, although we did the designs in various formats, so some pieces would be suitable for including in a quilt, the way we do these patterns on my longer sashiko courses. They are a fun group and I'm going back later this morning for a talk before we have the long drive back to Maleny.

Their venue is a huge hall on the showground. It would be big enough for Wrexham Quilting Circle's annual show but they told me they have 300+ quilts in theirs, so they use a different place - that's a lot of quilts for one group!

We drove through town afterwards on our way to dinner at the marina. I wish I'd had more time to photograph some of the interesting old architecture in town. One building was dated 1888. Lots of beautiful verandas, railings and porch detailing on all the buildings up here.

This part of town is slightly higher up than the part that was flooded. I remember seeing this bridge on the news reports. There isn't much flood damage obvious to a visitor like me, although local businesses are still having problems with damage claims and getting back on their feet.

The marina is around the back of the sugar refinery. We drove past miles and miles of sugar cane on our way here. I've never seen sugar growing like that. The refinery was a series of immense metal buildings, all painted green, with little hint of the mysterious process that go on inside.

At the marina, we sat out at a restaurant called Baltimores, under their long veranda. Great menu - another chance to sample Australian fish and chips.

Shortly after I took this panorama sequence, a heavy rain storm came over and we could hardly hear ourselves speak. This frog enjoyed the water though!

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