Monday, 14 March 2011

Maleny Sashiko retreat - day two

Today the quilters were marking and stitching kamon crests and a couple of easy moyouzashi patterns - shippou and fundou. Doing a corner fan or central chrysanthemum first, rather than the hitomezashi I used to lead in with, definitely works better in terms of getting everyone's basic stitching in order first. I tried this out last time I taught at Denman, as there was a worksheet printing delay, and will work in this order in future courses I think. Lots of crests stitched already. I will get some of them pinned up on the boards and photographed today.

I did a short talk last night with the quilts I have with me and we followed it with a show and tell of various quilters' work and textile treasures from Japan. Here's a few photos - there are more, but I don't have the source of all the designs yet (books and websites) so will hold off posting those until I do.

From Kitty Pippen's super book, 'Quilting with Japanese Fabrics' -

Vintage sashiko work coat -

Contemporary sashiko jacket from Aizenkobo, Kyoto.

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