Thursday, 10 March 2011

Plum and Moon bag - special limited edition

When I arrived at Maleny Magic Patchwork & Quilts on Monday, Bev showed me a gorgeous version of the Plum and Moon Bag they'd made (I sell the original and other more subdued colours as kits online and at shows). The luscious bright pink seems to match the vibrant colours all around here - isn't it gorgeous? The pink fabric is the perfect kind of weave for sashiko - a little heavier than ordinary cottons with a linen-like feel (I'm pretty sure it is cotton though). I chose a floral coordinate for the lining and persuaded Bev, Jan and Libby to make up a special limited edition kit.

This kit is only available through the shop. We had a few out on sale with us at the lunch on Tuesday and my teaching events, so I'm not sure just how many are left, but there were only about 20 kits made up anyway. If you'd like one, contact the shop asap via the link above and get yours on order. There are very few of these kits and they won't be listed on the website - you'll need to call or e mail about the kits. Once they're gone, they're gone! I won't be able to do a hot pink bag kit like this, because I don't have any fabrics like that in stock (apart from one piece of a similar cotton that I've been saving for myself...) - better make sure I get one too. :-)

UK friends - if you would like one of these, give me a shout (via comment, email or Facebook) and I'll bring one back for you. But please let me know quickly!

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ali lichtenstein said...

These are lovely! I'm so glad I found your site (via Lis at Sashiko Started It).