Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A sashiko door panel

Marie sent me photos of her finished door panel today. You can see an earlier photo by scrolling down my blog post from the Edinburgh Spring Quilt Festival.

I finally finished the door panel started at Denman College in February 2010. My daughter did not like the red fabric I chose for the backing at Ingleston so I had to think again and got some blue that I hope she likes because I am not taking it off.

Thanks for all your help and for fostering a love of Sashiko stitching.

The blue backing fabric is a better choice than the red we found at Ingliston (although that was lovely too). I like the way the stripes frame the sashiko design so well. The overall design is elegant and balanced, with the different sizes of kamon crests and other motifs in the circles. The long narrow shape is a format I like very much - an easy shape to display. Thanks for the photos!

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