Thursday, 24 March 2011

Workshop in Melbourne

The Melbourne workshop was 'Super Strips' - some great patchworks made, as always.

Narrower strips (11/2in cut width) - the pastel one is a Honey Bun, the blue version strips were hand cut.

Three different versions of Super Strips using the same roll - and all different.

This turquoise, brown and pinky red roll made a beautiful patchwork (I saw the completed top the following night at my talk, but don't think I've got a photo of it yet).

'Dominique II' Moda Jelly Roll was used for this rich, warm patchwork.

Barbara Brackman's William Morris range, also by Moda, used for this one.

Rainbow batiks always work well.

Batik strip cuts are available in Australia from Victorian Textiles, the people who make the Matilda's Own batting and rulers (more about them in a future post). These packs, cut from Bali batiks, are more accurately cut than the Bali Pops packs.

So many lovely pieces made in the workshop!

The room we used had an interesting ceiling construction, with skylights in the roof, making it a bright space for working.

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Lynne said...

The super strips look fabulous in all those different fabric combinations. I'm looking forward to this one in Bridlington next month - wasn't sure about my fabric choice but the pictures have convinced me it will be fine.