Saturday, 23 April 2011

'Kogin and Sashiko Stitch' published by Kyoto Shoin

This is one of the most useful books on the history of sashiko, often very difficult to track down, as the publisher went out of business over fifteen years ago. I often take a copy for the 'library' when I teach sashiko courses. Kyotocollection on eBay has three copies of 'Kogin and Sashiko Stitch' at only $18.50 USD each - 5o% off! This offer only lasts for another day or two.

Gary Bloom, aka kyotocollection, also supplied the lovely rabbit and moon furoshiki wrapping cloth I used for the centre of one of the quilts in 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations' (I wanted to feature one that quilters would be able to buy from outside Japan). He has currently got these listed, along with a great selection of other cotton furoshiki, in his eBay shop. If you would like to make the quilt as shown in the book, you'll need the larger size furoshiki for the centre panel. All the furoshiki he sells are night quality 100% cotton, not the rayon chirimen furoshiki which don't wear as well for quilts.

UPDATE: re the books - Gary e mailed me today and has got a few more copies, so he has listed those too. Check out the others he has listed in the same series! The one on 'Kasuri' has some fantastic designs, plus the 'Furisode' one is a must if you are interested in historical kimono. The book about the Shosoin textiles is a treat too, with incredible textiles preserved from the eighth century, showing how Japanese design was influenced by treasures imported along the silk route. The book on Yuzen dyeing is full of fabulous designs. 'Modern Japanese Textiles' deals more with late nineteenth and early twentieth century designs than contemporary work, a great resource if you are into Meiji and Taisho era designs.

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nycstitcher said...

Was lucky to get one of the rabbit furoshiki! Amazon tells me your newest book is on the way--can't wait. I have 22 patches from your taupe book finished, and I will just keep going--they are very addictive, and very beautiful. Thank you!