Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sashiko at the Royal - final morning

The final session of the sashiko course at Bridlington is ending in 45 minutes, so we have got a few photos of the sashiko made over the last four days - in no particular order, just sit back and enjoy the eye candy! The larger furoshiki were started on Sunday, during the one day workshop.

The kimono outlines are going to be filled in with other sashiko designs.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant workshop - enjoyed it immensely and will recommend it to everyone.
PS: Susan do you know who makes the material shown in one of the strippy photos from your Sat workshop - the piece with the gold around the centre panel ?

Susan Briscoe said...

Thanks! BTW, your comment came through anonymously, so I don't know who it is :-)

Yes, I know who makes the lovely roll used for that Super Strips and where you can get one - it is by Fabric Freedom and they have them at Scarborough Sewing Centre. I know because I got one myself, to make another workshop sample. It made up so beautifully, I wanted to add one to my workshop display - also because the Fabric Freedom rolls are slightly wider than 21/2in, but still make up nicely for this design. There are, I think, 50 strips in the roll, 2 of each, so plenty to work with.