Thursday, 26 May 2011

Betsy's group's 'Japanese Quilt Blocks" BOM update

Remember this? Betsy Gulla sent me some photos to update me on her group's Block of the Month project based on my 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match' book. Betsy writes -

I’ve attached pictures from our May 20th Spring luncheon.

The Patches ‘n Pieces quilt club Block of the Month featured your book “Japanese Blocks to Mix and Match”. Support for this adventure simply amazed me! Sensing a high interest level, my team presented monthly programs featuring the art and culture of Japan with topics such as Japanese Design Elements, Nesuke, Sashiko, Maneki Niko and the Washington, DC National Cherry Blossom festival. One member talked about her experience living in Japan; others brought in kimonos and authentic Japanese fabric for all to see and enjoy. In a strange coincidental way our quilts link us to the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. In the aftermath of that disastrous event our club contributed three comfort quilts to those who survived.

The resulting display of quilts reflected the artistic skill and creative talent of each individual quilter. All of them were stunning! Too bad you weren’t there to catch sight of their interpretation of your blocks. You would have been pleased.

There are many other Japanese quilts in my future and lots more Sashiko as well. Thank you for inspiring us!

Enjoy the photos!

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