Monday, 4 July 2011

Definitive quilt modification...

Up early and managed to undo some of the progress made yesterday with the large corner triangle sections. These are supposed to be cut 3/4in longer along the base of the triangle than the edge of the inner border, to account for the seam allowance. Guess who forgot to add on the extra measurement? Well, it was very early...

This additional measurement is necessary because, as those of you who have been to my Super Strips workshop will know, without adding it, you're going to loose the points on the cornerstone squares (greenish blue in this quilt). The easy fix is to trim 1/4in off the width of the inner border (the yellow and black knotwork). So that's what I did. Even with the slightly larger seam allowances used on this one (see my last post), the pieces still fitted.

I rounded off the central section with the two most vivid yellow and gold prints as a border, without cornerstones this time and cutting the border strips 2in longer so I could do a part sewn seam border, like on the 'Irori' quilt/block. I love this effect, as it is impossible (or should be impossible) to see which border strip was sewn on first in the finished quilt, as each border strip seems to overlap the next.

'Piano key' strip border next - with 19 strips in each border section, shading through all the fabrics. BTW, although the strip pieced sections were pressed properly before recutting, the rest of the patchwork assembly is only finger pressed as yet, hence looking a bit creased. I tend to finger press as I go whenever possible, as switching the iron on and off isn't too good at saving power.

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