Monday, 25 July 2011

A wee dram...

A few new panoramas and views from a trip through Glenshee and up to Ballindalloch last Thursday, where I visited a friend from art college days, and the Glenlivet distillery - more or less next door to her house :-) Above - the realigned Devil's Elbow road. Below - as it was in the late 1960s.

No photos allowed on the distillery tour, but you can see the copper piping and stills through the window... the whole place smelled of whisky in various stages of production. Fascinating.

At the end of the tour, there are some interesting whiskys to try, including the Nàdurra, which has an unusual taste. Mmm.

'Nàdurra is the Gaelic word for natural. Revisiting 19th century practises, and unlike most modern whiskies, this single malt is not chill filtered, giving the mouth feel more body and a richer texture. A bold innovation in single malt.'

The drive back was stunning, towards Ballater along the Leche Road.

Corgarff Castle -

Sunset -


Amanda said...

Oh it's so lovely there. We had our honeymoon in the Minmore at the entrance to Glenlivet. It was so good we went back for the following New Year too.

Kathie said...

I always enjoy your pictures...dreaming of visiting Europe one day....