Saturday, 2 July 2011

Yabane border and something for cornerposts

The yabane arrow pattern border is coming along well (see earlier post) - the photo above shows the block I've used as the basis for the border design - 20 arrows across the top and 28 down each side. I seem to have got the maths right and, so far, it looks like they are going to fit - phew! With the number of seams and the number of 1/2in wide strips in each side, I have had to be so careful with seam allowances.

Only problem now - what to use for cornerstones (i.e. the squares needed to fill in the corners)? I've been flipping through my book, trying to see if there is a block that would work well for this. Whatever I use will have to work trimmed down to 9in before seams, not 9 1/2in total finished as per the book blocks, which rules out anything with skinny edge strips. Perhaps just keeping things simple, with a 9in square cut from the same stripe as the arrow feathers, on a 45 degree angle, would do the job well. I have thought about fans, or something curved.

Or use a block from 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match'? In the correct colours of course. But it has to be an easy one! Any suggestions? I don't want to use a block already used in the sampler (see my earlier post for sampler pictures).

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