Friday, 19 August 2011

KImono and Haori boxes arrived

They should have been here for Festival of Quilts last week, but arrived this morning. Approx. 40 assorted vintage kimono, haori and michiyuki, most in silk.

There are some very nice vintage pieces in among this lot, including a few items dating back to the 1930s and most 1950s/60s. Overall, the condition is very good indeed - better than many pieces sold on eBay. Some would be suitable for overdyeing, as the silks are quite pale, with interesting woven textures.

I will have them out on sale at the Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate, from 2nd - 4th September (Friday to Sunday) and, depending on item and condition, I'm looking to price these at £15 - £30, with most in the £20 - 25 range. Great for wearing or repurposing, either for quilts, embroidery or wearables.

The fabrics include tsumugi, rinzu (damask), omeshi (jacquard), meisen (a crisp, thin silk) and other fabrics which have not been in production for a long time.

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