Friday, 21 October 2011

Elvington and Garstang

On Tuesday I was with Priory Patchworkers at Elvington near York for the sashiko furoshiki workshop, followed by 'Sashiko and Japanese Country Textiles' talk. I didn't take photos in the workshop as I'd planned to take them at the talk afterwards - everyone in a line with their stitching, as quite a bit got done at tea time - but somehow I didn't. It was a bit of a busy day. I'll look foward to having photos sent later.

I did manage to get plenty of photos with Garstang Patchworkers and Quilters in our Super Strips workshop yesterday, after my 'Travels with a Bag Lady' talk the evening before. As usual, I came away with another potential workshop sample on my 'to do' list, this time using one of the 'Arcadia' Moda Jelly Rolls like Debi did (see photo above), as I love this range and have a few rolls stashed away. Here are the other patchworks, in various fabrics - some are from strip cuts and some were cut from the quilters' stashes. Some are done with 2 1/2in strips, some with 1 1/2in.

Debi also brought her version of my Rice Sack Bag from '21 Terrific Patchwork Bags', in batiks -

The workshop was held in Bilsborow, where there is an excellent fish and chip shop - so had some for lunch, purely for research of course, just in case I do another 'Fish and Chips' quilt anytime soon.

I'm off to Lincolnshire for a Quilters' Guild Regional Day tomorrow and workshop on Sunday (Japanese Circles and Squares), so more photos after the weekend. I'm also looking forward to seeing photos of finished projects from both the workshops above. Thanks for some fun, creative days! :-)

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