Monday, 10 October 2011

Kyoto Collection sale

Gary Bloom at Kyoto Collection is having another of his eBay sales, including some super furoshiki cloths (mainly small sizes but great for quilt/large size cushion panels), including Hokusai's Great Wave, and the excellent and long out-of-print Kyoto Shoin textile book series. I can't recommend these books enough - a great resource and essential addition to your bookshelves if you like Japanese textiles. Think I'll add a few of the smaller furoshiki to my stash this time round :-)

The furoshiki panel used for my quilt of the same name (above) was supplied by Gary - click here to buy the same one (his other large size furoshiki are all suitable for making the quilt above at approximately the same size as the original, or use one of the smaller ones and add the border for a wallhanging).


Lis said...

So tempted but decided to hold fire until I get to Japan!

Susan Briscoe said...

You won't get a better deal on the furoshiki there, though you'll maybe see some other designs as well. The Rabbit and Moon design on my quilt is one I first spotted in Asakusa, Tokyo in 2002, so was very pleased to find a source for it online. Also, Gary's furoshiki are cotton - the lovely shiny rayon crepe ones you'll find onsale everywhere don't wash well (I know - I used a couple as tablecloths!) and the silk crepe ones are mega expensive. You'll find some amazing textile items on your trip! Remember you can send an Airmail Small Packet up to 2kg - once you go over the 2, prices get a bit crazy then it starts making economic sense once you're up to about 9 - 10kg sea mail (depends how soon you want your stuff) - better still, mail your clothes home as 'used personal goods - NCV' (No Commercial Value).