Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Newgrange - Knowth

Last Tuesday we went up to Newgrange, to see the megalithic passage tombs. Starting at the Brú na Bóinne Visitors Centre, we boarded a bus first of all for Knowth.

We arrived about 11, which was OK for getting onto the bus tour at this time of year, although in the summer holidays you'd probably need to arrive a bit earlier. By bus is the only way to see Newgrange and the best way to get to Knowth (there is a car park there but with big warning signs about theft from parked vehicles). Tip - don't believe the description of the bus interchange being 'just over the bridge' - it is a decent walk to the pick up point at Brú na Bóinne, so don't leave it as late as we did! Also, don't listen to other people in the tour group when they point out that you are wearing the 'wrong' tour time label and should wait for the next group going over the bridge - some stupid woman visitor did that to me and we nearly ended up missing our bus thanks to her interference! There is a fair amount of swapping of passengers from one bus to another going on, all coordinated by coloured stickers on the visitors, which the bus drivers need to be able to see (and you must keep your tickets for site admission).

I can't beat this virtual tour info, so click the link and I'll just stick to photos! Next post will feature images of the carved kerbstones all around the edge of the mound. The 'overhang' is a modern addition, to protect the stones.

Souterrain -

Inside - the main passage. There's no public access along this, but Glyn got a decent photo through the gate.

Side passage (my photo) -

Info panels - these are displayed in a small modern chamber at the start of the passage. Click photos to enlarge images and read the info.

Stones next. Click panorama to view at full size.

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