Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Furoshiki quilt and wrapping cloths

The furoshiki wrapping cloth I used as the panel centre for my quilt of the same name in 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations' came from Gary Bloom in Kyoto, who sells as kyotocollection on eBay. He's also just opened a brand new website specialising in furoshiki - As well as having the panel above still in stock, he has got some beautiful new seasonal furoshiki - and they are on special sale at the moment on eBay! My favourite is 'Winter' and I am so tempted to make another quilt with this one... perhaps just a small wallhanging?

These smaller furoshiki are roughly the size of a fat quarter and could be framed very nicely with a smaller version of the strip border I used for my quilt. A yabane (arrow flight) border, like the one I did for the warm brown taupes sampler quilt, would also look good.

Other larger size furoshiki include this one from a design by Masao Ido, 'Giouji Temple', which could be used instead of the rabbits and moon panel in my original quilt. You could really go to town with autumnal colours on this one, and perhaps add some sashiko details in the top and bottom border areas.

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