Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New workroom linen cabinets

I got two yellow stained pine linen cabinets in the Ikea sale eighteen months ago, planned to go into my old workroom in North Wales, but they hadn't been put together, so we spent some time over the last couple of days putting them together. They look perfect here and you'd think they were bought for this workroom. I've built quite a few pieces of from Ikea but these were probably the most complicated, so I couldn't have built them on my own.

Glyn is going to tweak the locks & door hinges so they close a little better. The locking mechanism is good quality with metal bars and latches, so I've been joking that I'll be locking up my stash!

I got these cabinets as the internal depth is 40cm, so they are ideal for storing Japanese kimono bolts (36 - 39cm wide fabrics), but for now they'll be a new home for my patchwork fabrics. I'm looking forward to doing some unpacking and sorting now :-)

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