Friday, 27 January 2012

Time and Time Again - brights

I started another sample for my workshop at Bridlington on 9th February. This time I'm using a fabric roll by Robert Kaufman - 'Prisma Dyes', out of their Artisan Batiks range. I got it at the National Quilting Championships at Sandown Park last year - I can't remember who I bought it from though, but it just jumped out at me as a suitable fabric range for this workshop. It has duplicates of some fabrics but threes of others, and I knew I'd need multiple strips for each 'column' in this design.

Even with threes, I've modified the original Time and Again pattern a little. Another option is to use a Bali Pop strip cut (Hoffman - one strip of each batik) or a Tonga Treat pack (Timeless Treasures - two of each fabric) and select similar fabrics for the four block columns. I'm a bit tempted to get a second Tonga Treat in the 'Sugarplum' colourway, so I'd have four of each fabric strip, split these into two different sets (four each of ten different colours in each) and make a pair of quilts, perhaps using the leftovers from one set for the block centres in the other quilt... lots of ideas.

It isn't easy to choose rolls online when you can only see a part of the roll in the seller's photo. I prefer to select rolls 'live' whenever possible. See what I mean? It's the same roll in all the photos.

I didn't try to coordinate a roll by starting off with my block centre fabric - it was easier to do it the other way round. This very bright Japanese print has been in my stash for nearly ten years and came from a bargain basket in a Tokyo craft shop. There wasn't quite enough for the forty five 2 1/2in squares I needed, so I cut the remaining six from leftovers from the roll. The original Time and Again quilt has block centres made from kimono scraps, with no two alike, so this time I thought it would be interesting to use a very large scale fabric with as much variety as possible, giving me dark squares for the lighter blocks and vice versa.

I'll keep you posted on progress!

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