Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spring Quilt Festival at Edinburgh next weekend

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be demonstrating at the showground at Ingliston as part of the Spring Quilt Festival (click the link for more information). As usual, I will be teaching one hour workshops, and this year I've chosen the hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) pattern gazashi (moth stitch) for the class. The image above shows it stitched as an all over pattern, on the famous long sampler made by Chieko Hori.

Gazashi isn't the easiest of sashiko patterns to master, because you need to keep subsequent rows of moths the same. So I'm adapting the pattern into a single row, and it will be stitched on the diagonal, so the stretchiness of the fabric bias will be a help. Tomorrow I need to sew lots of triangle squares, as each quilter will get two, so they could become the back and front of a bag, pincushion etc. or a couple of coasters - I'll use a Japanese print for the one half and sashiko fabric for the other. Think I'll be having a busy day!

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