Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Super Strips at the Royal

This is the second time I've taught Super Strips at the Royal Hotel and we had a busy class today. Here are some of the results.

We had a couple of 'twins', where quilters used the same roll, but the results are always quite different. Here's Moda's 'Always and Forever' -

This Moda roll was used twice (sorry, didn't get the name of this one or a photo of the second quilt).

Pastels - rather French country style -

Very, very pastel jelly roll -

Two Bali Batik Pop patchworks were made (including the one at the top of this post) - different colourways -

Two Robert Kaufman batik rolls were combined for this strip collection. The outer borders will use the purples while the centre used all the brighter jewel colours.-

Two more Moda rolls -

A one and a half inch strip version -

More photos to follow, plus pix of the bags finished since last night.

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