Sunday, 10 June 2012

What I'm working on today

Getting on with more hand quilting on this quilt for Sandown Park today.  I've done the borders - thought about adding the binding before I left Scotland, but will bind it later next week, as I'm sure I've got some suitable fabric down here in Brymbo.  If not, I have a backup plan with two different green tone on tone options, but I think purple would look nicer perhaps.  I was thinking about plain purple, but I found a piece of tone on tone that might do better, although maybe I had that earmarked for another binding?  Working on the centre today.  I am quilting with Medium Mercerised Cotton from Stef Francis - a shaded thread, about equivalent to #12 perle but more resilient - everything in this thread, even the quilting in the ditch, which seems to soften the appearance of the seams nicely.  I have entered it in the main theme category, 'Garden Party', because the colours make me think of lush but wet late summer afternoons!

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