Monday, 18 June 2012

Wrexham Quilting Circle and Gresford Craft Group's annual shows - this week

The annual exhibition runs from Tuesday to Friday this week, inclusive.  I won't be there, as we are travelling down south for the National Quilt Championships at Sandown Park (Friday to Sunday), and have to set up there on Thursday.  But my red and white quilt shown above will be, and you can have a chance to win it as we are raffling it to raise funds for the Quilt Museum at York.  The raffle will be drawn on the second Wednesday in December 2012, so there's plenty of time to get tickets if you can't get to the exhibition in Gresford - I'll have them at Festival of Quilts and (perhaps!) at Sandown Park next weekend. Here's the info about the Gresford exhibition, quoted from Val Shields on the QGBI Yahoo! group chat list -

I have had a number of phonecalls querying the opening hours published in
the recent NW Newsletter! An unfortunate typo says we do not open until
the afternoons - quite wrong! The more computer savvy have checked with
the Guild website and others have seen the correct details in various
magazines where we have Diary entries. The church closes at 8pm, WQC
remains open until 8.30 but both will shut at 6pm on Friday. Both venues
open each day at 10.30am

The weather forecast is not good but we hope lots of you will be able to
visit our two exhibitions: a wide variety of crafts (including quilts,
incluing the Meercats) in church, across the road in Church House we have
refreshments, tombola and plants. A few hundred yards away (but with much
better parking), in the Memorial Hall you will find Dot and her goodies, a
stand selling goods made by Gresford members and further along the corridor
the Wrexham Quilting Circle Display. Don't miss Jenny Hewer's delightful
bed with three mattresses, countless quilts, princess and faithful hound. I
am not sure about the pea! Her grand-daughter is a very lucky little

We shall also be selling tickets there for the quilt, Fanoe, which
Susan Briscoe has donated to raise funds for the Quilt Museum in York. It
was on the front cover of a recent issue of Fabrications. We shall have it
on display.

We also have a quilt made for Lady Baden-Powell, then Chief Guide, in the
thirties and embroidered in Morse code.

If you have never visited Gresford before, we live in a charming village
with a beautiful ancient church. A daring vicar, new to the village in
1987, broke new ground by inviting us to show our work in the mediaeval
church in 1988 and we have exhibited there every June since then. The
Memorial Hall and Wrexham Quilting Circle are both younger.

Val Shields.

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Mad about Craft said...

I visited this show on Wednesday afternoon. I had a lovely afternoon, the sun shone and the show was lovely. I hadn't heard of the show before and I got to know about it through Dot Sherlock. I will be going again next year!