Monday, 16 July 2012

Japanese Fans workshop at Purely Patchwork - photos


Here's some of the blocks made in the Japanse Fans workshop yesterday at Purely Patchwork in Linlithgow.  The workshop went very well and everyone went home with a nice selection of blocks and fabrics selected for the strippy pieces.  Some of the strippy pieces were cut across the fabric, like the panel version above, or used yukata fabric for the strips, like the one below.

Nina MacDonald brought her completed Japanese Circles and Squares quilt started at Purely Patchwork in June last year.  Everyone agreed it really didn't need the circles - this design sometimes looks just right without them, especially when the fabrics are such a nice selection.

The back is beautifully pieced too - 


The red and yellow one is her second version.  I love the colourscheme.


Nina also brought her version of the 'Sakiori' quilt from 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations'.  It has red whre I used blues in my 'Kamon' version (shown below Nina's quilt) and a lot of gold in the prints.  It's lovely, isn't it?  I like the Japanese ukiyo-e print fabric with the figures used for some of the circles - it also pops up now and again in the strips - very subtle.

The workshop is just behind the shop, up a few steps, so it is easy to pop in and out for essential supplies!  The sale is still on, and we did leave some bargains for other people....  :-)

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