Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Tohoku - Japanese handcrafted goods exhibition in London

re:new tohoku (click this link)

a tradition of perfection brought to life for you

Wed, 11 July - Sun, 15, July
10:00-18:00 (Monday-Saturday)
11:00-17:00 (Sunday)

Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7LP
Tel: (+81) 20 7307 5454

This looks like it is going to be an excellent exhibition.  Just a shame I won't be able to see it!

You can download a free catalogue pdf with more pictures.  The video chanels are worth watching too - Hirahan Senko make tenugui towels, happi jackets, maku drapes for temples etc. using traditional stencil dyeing techniques.

There's also a Facebook page.

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