Monday, 13 August 2012

Festival of Quilts next weekend

Festival of Quilts at the NEC Birmingham is from Thursday to Sunday this week.  I'll be there, on standG41, with the kimono fabrics etc. - see the red box above.

The hall numbers run from RIGHT to LEFT, as you stand at the entrance, so we are technically in Hall 7, although Hall 7 & 8 are opened up as ONE hall. A bit confusing I know!

The show layout has changed again, with the cafe, 'Quilting in Action' and some of the other displays off to the left, thru the 'tunnel' into the next hall, so don't miss that area!

Left click each image to view more detail.  Sorry for the low res - these are from screenshots of the pdf files, as I can't convert from pf to jpg directly.

A list of exhibitors is here. Warning - some stand numbers have changed apparently!  Bridget from Popular Patchwork magazine said their stand no. is A59, which doesn't even appear on the plan (I think it will probably be in the lower right hand corner of Hall 70) but says theirs will be the most PINK stand in the show, so they should be easy to find.  I will have a lot of ORANGE again lol :-)

UPDATE - seems there has been an alteration, but it looks like only to the bottom right hand corner of Hall 7 -

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