Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Kindle editions

Some of my books published by David & Charles are now available as Kindle editions.  I haven't seen what they actually look like on a Kindle - presumably you'd need a Kindle Fire i.e. in colour to make any sense of them? I'm also wondering how things like the page layouts work, as they will be using the page layouts from the original books, which may not flow as well on the smaller format, with scrolling up and down and enlargins/reducing sections to view.  The thing that has me really puzzled is the diagrams.  As far as I understand, you can't download from a Kindle to a printer or other device, so how on earth do you get the actual size patterns so you can use them?  This is particularly important with books like 'Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags' where nearly all the bags have patterns that need to be traced off for use.

Your feedback will be appreciated!

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