Thursday, 28 February 2013

New website

My new website went live a couple of days ahead of schedule.  The site addresses and are still the same, and I have added the domain name as well.

I will be including all the talk and workshop booking information from my old site, but for the time being there isn't any online pattern ordering - I'm looking at getting my patterns into downloadable pdf formats, probably using an online pattern website to sell the patterns, but staying with printed patterns for quilt shows etc.  That way, you won't have to wait to order a pattern if I'm unable to send one out because I'm away at a show etc.

Kits - I'm redirecting to my kits on the Euro Japan Links website rather than selling the show kits online.  When I make kits, they are often in very limited quantities as I rarely buy more than 11 - 12 metres of any fabric.  I am designing some new kits combining recycled and vintage kimono fabrics, so those will be listed once I've got them done, but they will be limited editions of around 20 - 30 kits, depending on the fabric cuts included (a recycled kimono only gives certain repeatable lengths and widths).

There will be more photos, more quilts in the galleries and I am planning to add a proper biography once I've gone through my records re dates of shows etc. :-)  This blog will be staying exactly where it is.

Any other suggestions?


Amanda said...

It going to look good! Are you totally comfortable with full address and phone out there in the web world though?

Susan Briscoe said...

Not a lot of choice really, if people are going to be able to contact me for work. There's a chance it could work without the address but not the phone number. It's the downside of working from home!

trees and what not said...

I'm really loving the new layout, it's easier to guide through