Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quiltfest - Pavilion gallery now open!

From this to this -

Quiltfest is now open at the Royal International Pavilion and the second gallery at Llangollen Museum will open tomorrow afternoon at 2p.m.

Many thanks to our hanging team - Debbie Gordon, Maureen Poole, Elaine Humphreys (fresh from organising a one day quilt show a couple of weekends ago) and Glyn - who got the exhibition up and looking good in just a few hours.

I finished 'Maru' in time - it looks different now it's densely machine quilted - here it is without the quilting.


The final quilt, 'Bamboo' by Kate Fenney, arrived this morning, just in time. She started it the last time I taught at Denman, and it looks great.  There's some work in progress photos here.

Looking forward to a busy week and hoping to see lots of visitors.


magsramsay said...

It looks great - sorry I won't get up to see it this year, hopefully next time.

Bebe Taian said...

That sashiko piece looks amazing! I just bought your book on sashiko, so maybe one day I'll be just as good. For now, I'm practicing on scraps of fabric with existing weaves to follow until I get stitch evenness down. Thanks for such a great book! The photos help a lot!