Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Stone patchwork

Two different settings for the same blocks, variations on the Japanese Circles and Squares block set, with eight fabrics instead of seven and seven pieces of each size rather than six. The photo below shows the blocks set out on the usual grid, the one above with every other row moved across by half a block.  Various options - cut the block at the end of the alternate rows in half and sew to the start of the row (trimming the other rows by 1/2in to fit) or add an extra 3/12in strip to alternate ends of each row. Perhaps the second option would be the best one?  The fabrics are 'Stonehenge' by Northcott.

1 comment:

Lis Harwood said...

Love this fabric and the way the circles and squares design looks using it. I'd go for the classic layout, I don't think the shunted across version is worth all the extra work personally, it doesn't seem the flow as the bottom picture does.