Sunday, 24 November 2013

Last day in Japan.

Just starting my last day in Japan.  I have had a wonderful trip.  There are too many photos to spend time uploading now, so I'll do them when I get home.  I couldn't log into my Google account from any of my friend's computers, as it has a fairly elaborate system of authorising who you are if you try to log in from abroad, and I don't have a mobile phone with me that works on the Japanese networks to receive the extra code I needed by text message.  Maybe next time.  So I'll save most of the stories about my trip for later this week, along with all the photos.

I stayed in Asakusa last night, after staying with my friend Aubergine Fleur (see her blog in the list) on Saturday.  Today is last minute fabric shopping & other things. I think I will head back to Nippori first this morning, then probably to Kamata to go to the big Yuzawaya craft shop.  There's a smaller one near here but I think I will stick to the one I know.  I also want to have a stroll around Asakusa, to hunt for one or two things.  Tomorrow I have an early start to the airport.

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