Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Yuza-machi visit, November 2013 - Part 1

A few things had changed on my visit to Yuza in November, although the view of Reiko's road is more or less the same (November 2013 above, July 2006 below).

The biggest surprise was that my old house had been replaced with a modern one.  The photo below shows it in 2006, when a carport had been added.  The porch is on the right but hidden by the neighbour's entryway extension.

This is the new house.  The garage is new too.  I guess the front of the entrance comes to about the same place as the bcak of the carport, maybe a bit further forward.  The old house was mostly single storey, with a second storey on the back part only, with two rooms.  The new one makes much better use of the plot and I would imagine it is much more comfortable to live in, if much less traditional.  All the rooms in the old house had tatami floors, for example.

Yuza also has a new railway station.

The view from the down platform (to Tokyo), the bridge and the up platform are still more or less the same.

When I get the new scanner installed and have time, I'll scan photos of Yuza from 1992 and compare views.


magsramsay said...

Lovely to revisit through your pictures - was it really 2006!!

Susan Briscoe said...

It was! You'll have to go back sometime. BTW, any chance of you coming up for the Loch Lomond Show in May? Reiko and the group are coming to that and would love to meet you again.