Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bags of fun at workshops in and around Cullen

I arrived home late last night after a week of workshops and a talk in and around Cullen.  My first two workshops were the mini workbag I first made for a workshop in Cairns in 2011.  I don't have this one on my main workshop list, but Mollie (left of centre, holding the orange and black bag) saw it when I did my bag talk in Cullen last September and persuaded me to teach it again.  All the bags we made last week have better zips than mine, because I shopped for proper double pull bag zips when I was at Quilt Week Yokohama last November.  My original bag is shown bottom right below.  These bags panels were made at the second workshop in Keith.

These are some bags from the first workshop.  There were some lovely fabric combinations in both.


On Saturday we had a 'Japanese Circles and Squares' workshop at Fochabers.  Once again, some great fabric choices and I'm looking foward to seeing photos of the finished quilts.

We also have two 'Introduction to Shonai Sashiko' workshops.  These samples are from the second session.

I had a lovely time meeting so many groups. As some of the quilters belong to more than one - there's a busy crafting scene in that area - a few managed two or even all three workshops!

After the talk last night, I decided to drive all the way back home, to avoid the rush hour in Aberdeen.  The roads were quiet and I made very good time.  Tonight I have another talk in Cupar, Fife, and tomorrow at Helensburgh Quilters, before heading off to London for a talk for Region 1 of the Quilters' Guild on Saturday, so the quilts are staying in the car :-)

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