Monday, 26 May 2014

More sashiko from Yuza

While we were in Yuza in early May, we visited Nishiyama-san's house with Reiko Domon.  Mrs Nishiyama started making Yuza Sashiko just three years ago, after moving to Yuza after the tsunami on the east coast.  She has made some lovely sashiko items and I was very impressed with her work.  It shows just how skillful you can be after quite a short time.  She had made lots of things using up small sashiko samples too.


This table runner combines sashiko sample squares with a recycled vintage nagoya obi.  It think Nishiyama-san has used some of the same obi silk for the pocket wallhanging above.  There are small pieces of sashiko in the centre of each oval placemat too.

This is a cute kasafuku (lucky umbrella) she made.  We saw lots of these at the Sanno Club in Sakata in November - such a cute idea.

These little pads under the table legs are also made in Yuza sashiko.  When furniture stands on tatami mats, it can leave a dent, so little pads help minimise damage. It is a very good use for Yuza sashiko.

Nishiyama-san has made some of those cute sashiko bears too!

Other projects at the Nishiyama's beautiful restored minka farmhouse include their kura restoration projects.  They have two kura storehouses and are now rebuilding them.  I think this is the first time I've seen the inside of a traditional kura when it is empty!  It is possible to really see how it is constructed - the timber frame is very similar to our summerhouse, although the posts are thicker and closer together.  We thought it would make a wonderful location for a small sashiko exhibition sometime.

The Nishiyama's house has one of the best views of Mt Chokai.  How lovely to be able to sit in the house or garden - the perfect location for some peaceful sashiko stitching!  Thank you very much for our warm welcome (and the delicious cakes!)

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