Friday, 13 June 2014

Summerhouse last weekend

While I'm away this weekend teaching sashiko at the Traditional Quilt Group's annual retreat (one of the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles specialist groups), Glyn is continuing with the summerhouse - weather permitting!  This is as far as we got last Saturday, before the rain set in.  The panel above is the front wall, with the 10mm plywood skin nailed to the outside.  It is cut higher than the frame to allow for the roof - rafters, 10mm ply and insulation, which will be topped off with galvanised corrugated iron sheets.

Once the panels were on (8ft x 4ft), Glyn cut away the panels at the sides of the door opening.  He is using one of the Japanese pull saws I brought back from my November trip.  Because these cut on the pull rather than the push like most western saws, the blades are thinner and less wood is lost to the cut.

Adding the plywood to the tops of the side panels.  The side windows won't go right to the top of the frames - there will be an extra 45 x 70mm piece above them.  The frame depth is 70mm, to allow for a good thickness of insulation.  Although we thought about using wool as a natural choice, it worked out so expensive once we added in delivery to Scotland, so we will be using an 'eco' rockwool insulation, made from recycled glass bottles.  It is breathable and fire resistant.  The inside walls will be lined with tongue and groove panelling, and painted.  Outside, we will add a layer of Tyvek housewrap and then reclaimed cedar shingles from a chalet demolition in Coupar Angus.

When we're not building due to rain, we've kept the panels as dry as possible under a tarpaulin.

This weekend's plans (while I'm teaching) are to get the walls up and the roof timbers on.  I hope Glyn remembers to take some photos for me!  I'll take photos of our group's sashiko work over the next few days and post them here later (that's a hint that I'm expecting them to produce some lovely stitching).

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