Monday, 2 June 2014

Summerhouse progress

Dry weather for most of the weekend meant we could get on with building the summerhouse frame.  We already had the doors (salvaged from two matching pairs of French windows from a double glazing company in Perth) but we ran out of framing timber the previous weekend.  B & Q didn't have any decent timber in stock - it was full of twists and splits - so we got some from MGM in Perth during the week.  We ran out because we added extra uprights to the design, to have more anchor points for the tongue and groove cladding we're going to use on the inside.

Constructing the front wall using the back wall as a guide template seemed the obvious way to go.

The apex block being screwed in place.


 The tie beam across the top of the doorway was jointed to the main uprights.


The finished front frame! As the glazed doors are heavy, there's an extra upright on either side of the door opening, which will become part of the door frame.

Painting extra timber preservative along the base plates and corners.  The plywood panels were added to the front wall.

Rain stopped play around 7.30 p.m. and the walls are all flat under a tarpaulin again.  I'm hoping for dry weather in the evenings this week - fingers crossed!

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Lis Harwood said...

He's making it look easy!!