Wednesday, 30 July 2014

1718 Oakshott fabric packs

To go with the book of the coverlet, the Quilt Museum and Gallery at York will have some exclusive packs of Oakshott shot (two tone) cotton fabrics for sale, in colours selected to reflect the original coverlet.  These packs won't be available anywhere else, as the museum staff are cutting and packing them specially for their shop.  I think they'll be fat eighths, but I'll let you know.  Oakshott have only just brought out these new colours and they won't be ready in time for Festival of Quilts but they should be in the Museum shop to coincide with the start of the exhibition in September.

Of course, it isn't possible to put every modern equivalent fabric into the pack, so you'll still have the fun of shopping around for others.  I've acquired some wonderful batiks recently in very similar patterns and colours to many of the worn damask fabrics.  My best find so far has been a vintage Japanese yukata cotton stripe which is a good substitute for the silk stripe in the two top corner blocks - I will have some of that on sale at Festival of Quilts, stand no. C43.

Also on the fabric front, the Museum shop has got the excellent Sidmouth quilt centre panel in stock again.  I had heard they temporarily ran out (??) but it is back on the website. More than 100 years younger than the 1718 coverlet, the Sidmouth quilt is all print cottons - my Sidmouth tribute patchwork is shown below, with similar prints to the original.  Although all prints, the colours are not unlike the shot cottons I think and the panel could coordinate with the 1718 fabric pack rather well for a different project.

This lovely quilt design by Petra Prins also uses the panel, which they have in their shop too, and shows you don't only have to make a replica with it.  It was posted last week on Facebook and I'm guessing they'll have a pattern or kit soon - maybe at Festival of Quilts?  Petra Prins will be on stand E19.

I hope that quilt will be on display!

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