Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Furoshiki quilt

Christine Linton sent me the photo of her version of the Furoshiki quilt from 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations'.  It is very similar to my original quilt, but I like the lighter blues she included in the border - it gives the quilt a lighter feeling than the original, which is much darker with lots of reproduction traditional Japanese fabrics around the edge.  Her photo also reminds me that I must make a smaller version of this, using 1/2in finished strips, as I have a 20in version of the same furoshiki - when I can find where I put it!  Christine writes -

I thought you might like to see this, shamelessly copied from you! I've made it for our local scout group to give as a parting gift to our student scout leader, who graduated from St Andrews today and is off to pastures new. Tonight is her last scout meeting with us, and about 60 scouts have signed big labels in the back of the quilt. I hope she will remember us when she uses it, and that the rabbits will bring her luck! Thanks for such a lovely design.

Here's the original, when it was on tour with the rest of the quilts from my book, at the Great Northern Quilt Show at Harrogate in 2011.  It looks much better where it lives now, on a friend's bedroom wall.  I got the furoshiki from Gary Bloom's shop - he's got some rabbit designs in his eBay store, but the large size of this design is discontinued now.

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