Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summerhouse - first of the roof sheets

Yesterday afternoon, Glyn started putting the corrugated iron sheets on the summerhouse roof.  First job - adding supports to the gable at the back, on top of the rafter ends.

It was in the mid thirties outside at least, but the thermometer read much higher once the sun moved round.

The corrugated iron sheets were painted under the eaves sections a week ago, with 'copper' Hammerite paint - more bronze coloured than copper.  They are lightweight but big.  This is how Glyn gets them on the roof -

He holds each sheet in place with gaffer tape before screwing them down.  We used a string tied between the back and front rafters so he could line up the roofing screws with the rafters below.

A couple of glasses of wine in the evening sunshine.

The remaining sheets will go on tonight.

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